How do I find a specific article in our library databases?

Follow these steps to find a known article in our library's collections.

  1. Go to the library's website
  2. Under the OneSearch bar you will find a link called "Looking for a specific article?" Click on the link to launch a form.
Image showing search bar with highlight showing looking for a specific article link


3. Once you open the form you will be asked for information to locate the article. 

  • One way to locate it is to type the exact name of the article title and name of the journal into the form. 
  • The second is to provide the digital object identifier (DOI) number in the form.


Image shows the citation linker form, highlighted areas to be filled out such as title, journal, or DOI#.  There is a callout box that reads, "This Opens a "citation linker form."  Make sure button is on "Article." Enter Article Title & Journal name OR DOI (Digital object identifier number)



4. The image below show an example of how to fill out the article title, journal name, and the year of publication. Hit Submit to perform a search for the article.  


Image shows citation linker form with known article title, journal name, and date of publication filled out



  1. If you know the digital object identifier number, enter this as shown. Hit Submit to perform search for the article.  


Image shows the citation linker form with DOI number filled out and highlighted.


6. Once you hit submit, the computer searches for a match.  Here we show you an entry for an article with two options for obtaining full text of the article. Click one of the hyperlinked database collections to view article.


Image shows the results of a search using the citation linker, article title with link to the databases providing access are shown.  There is a callout box pointing to two databases that contain the article that read, "Here we located the article. Click the blue hyperlink to be taken to the database offering full text access."

7. If you are met with the message that we DO NOT have the article, you will be provided with an option to request the title via Interlibrary Loan

Answered by: Amanda Kalish | Last updated on: Jul 10, 2020 | Views: Views: 4

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