How can I see if the library has access to a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine?

Follow these steps to see if we have access to a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine in our library's collections.


  1. Go to CSUSM Library's homepage.
  2. Under the OneSearch bar you will find a link called "Looking for a specific article?" Click on the link to launch a form.
Image showing search bar with highlight showing looking for a specific article link.  There is a popout box pointing to the link that reads, "Under the OneSearch bar, click "Looking for a specific article?"


3. Once you open the Citation Linker form you will be given an option to toggle to the button for Book or Journal.

4. Choose the Journal button option.

This is an image of the form that says Find Specific Article, Book, or Journal.  There is an arrow pointing to the Journal button toggle.


5. Once you get to the Journal form, give as much information as you can about the journal or magazine you are looking for, such as the name of the item, date, volume, issue, etc.

An image of the Find a Specific, Article, Book, Journal Page with the Journal button chosen.


6. The image below show an example of how to fill out the magazine name and the year of publication for which you are searching. Hit Submit to perform a search for the magazine.  

An image of the Find a Specific, Article, Book, Journal Page with the Journal button chosen.  The Journal Title is filled in with National Geographic and the year is filled in with 2010.



7. Once you hit Submit, the computer searches for a match.  Below we show you an entry for the different databases where full text of the magazines is available. Take special note of the dates of availability under each entry. Click one of the hyperlinked database collections to view the magazine.

An image of the results from searching for the magazine National Geographic in the previous image.  Four databases that have full access to the magazine are shown.  There is a pop out box that reads, "Here we located the magazine. Click on one of the blue hyperlinks to be taken to a database offering full text access."


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