How long are materials left on Reserve?

Physical Reserves

All materials are automatically rolled over if the course is being taught the following semester. If the course is not being taught the following semester, physical materials will be stored for one semester. If the course is not being taught again the following year, then materials will be sent back to Faculty via inter-campus mail. 

Materials that are placed on reserve as part of the Library's CALM Initiative are not guaranteed to be on reserve every semester. Please contact to confirm the same materials are on reserve for the following semester. 

Media Reserves 

Physical media materials may be left on reserve. Contact the Media Library to request items stay on permanently if you teach a course continuously. If a course is not being taught, the physical materials will be removed from the reserves shelf. Material removed from reserves will either be sent back to your office or can be picked up from the 2nd floor Circulation Desk.

Answered by: Kelly Ann Sam | Last updated on: Aug 10, 2020 | Views: Views: 0

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