What is Video on Demand?

We offer Video on Demand (VOD) as part of our Library Reserves.  The Video on Demand system allows users to view video content over the Internet from any computer. To take advantage of this service, the following information is provided. If you have a question not covered below, please contact reserve@csusm.edu and we will do our best to assist you.

How do I get started?  

First read through this important information. It is intended to ensure a positive experience using our VOD reserves service.

For all titles including personal copies, this online Media Reserve Form is required to submit your requests.

How will staff add the links to my Cougar Course container? 

Media Library staff have "Facilitator without access to grades" in Cougar Courses and will add the links to the appropriate course.

How long does this take?  

Depending on the title, some encoding is done in real time. During the beginning of a semester, staff need at least 7 working days lead time before adding links to your Cougar Courses.

I have many videos that I want on VOD. What should I do?  

Prioritize your requests. They are processed in the order received.  NOTE:  Due to the popularity of this program, we must hold each faculty member's requests to a maximum of 6 hours of recording time per week.

What can I put on VOD?  

Any film from the Library’s collection or personal copies can be used as long as they’re original copies that adhere to copyright laws. 

I recorded a TV program. Can you place on VOD?  

Yes, but with restrictions. On-air recordings cannot be used for longer than 10 days due to copyright restrictions.

What does Cougar Courses have to do with this?  

A Cougar Courses container is necessary so that a link can be added to allow students to view films either on or off campus.

I completed the form. What else is there to do?  

If the request includes personal copies, they must be brought to the Media Library to add to your container. Media must always be put on Reserves for it to be eligible for placing on Video on Demand.

How will I know that the links have been added? 

Once the films have been encoded and the process completed, you will see a link titled "Films" in the very first section of your container.

Can I submit videos for my non-CSUSM classes?  

No. Links are not to be used for teaching at other campuses.

How long does my video stay on VOD?  

Links for personal copies will be kept until you no longer need them.  Items are then kept for a period of three years after use. 

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