Can the ZCCM designation be given to my course if students are required to purchase any materials other than textbooks?

Non-Textbook Course Material Costs

The ZCCM designation cannot be used if students are required to purchase any materials. This means that courses that require student to purchase materials other than textbooks, such as calculators, safety goggles, or other supplies may not receive the ZCCM icon in the course schedule. However, instructors who reduce or eliminate the cost of their textbooks, even if their courses still have costs for materials, may still apply for professional development funding available through the Cougars Affordable Learning Materials program. Contact for more information about professional development fund awards.

At this time, CSUSM is only implementing the required ZCCM attribute, but other CSU campuses have implemented another symbol for "Low Cost Course Materials" (LCCM) typically defined as having costs no more than $40. Instructors are encouraged to lower costs wherever possible, even if they don't receive the ZCCM symbol in the course schedule.

To learn more about the Zero-Cost Course Materials symbol, related legislation, or for more information about lowering textbook costs at CSUSM, please contact

Answered by: Holly Hampton | Last updated on: Nov 20, 2020 | Views: Views: 3

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