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How much are late fines for overdue materials?

CSUSM Local Materials - Books & Media Materials

  • None for current CSUSM faculty, staff, and students 

  • Other Users (CSUSM Alumni, CSUSM Retirees, Community Borrowers, and others)

    • $0.25 per day, per item

Library Reserves

  • $1.00 per hour or day, per item (based on loan period - hourly loans are per hour, daily loans are per day)

Lost/Damaged charge per item (includes books, equipment, games, kits, microforms, VHS/DVD, etc..):

  • CSUSM - items replacement cost and nonrefundable $10.00 billing fee
  • Reserve - items replacement cost and nonrefundable $10.00 billing fee
  • CSU+ - item replacement charge is $90.00 and nonrefundable $10.00 billing fee
  • Interlibrary Loan - items replacement cost and nonrefundable $10.00 billing fee

Paying Fines

  • All payments for library fines can be made online. CSUSM campus users can simply login to their account and pay fines.
  • Users unable to pay online should contact the Library Circulation Desk via email or phone

See the Borrowing Books and Media page for further details.

Answered by: Teresa Roudenbush | Last updated on: Oct 10, 2023 | Views: Views: 34

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