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How do I access library resources from off campus?

  1. Go to the resource you want to open, such as research databases or ebooks.​
  2. When you click on a link for that resource, the proxy server will ask you for your campus username and password. Enter this information and you will be able to access the resources you need.

A screenshot of the Sign-In for Off-Campus Access prompt

No Campus Username/Password

If you are a current CSUSM student, faculty, or staff member and do not have a campus username and password, please contact the campus IT Help Desk

Student Technology Help Desk
University Library 2013

Faculty & Staff Help Desk
University Library 2013

Campus Username/Password Not Working

If you have a campus username and password and they are not working, try the following:

  • Make sure you are using your campus username and password -- not your email, library barcode, social security number, or University ID. This is the same username and password that you use to login at the computer labs or check your campus e-mail account.
  • If you have both a student account AND a staff account, this can cause an authentication issue.  Please use our contact-us form to let us know about your issue.
  • Occasionally your password gets out of sync between the various servers. If you change your password, this will often resynchronize things. Wait 15 minutes and try accessing the databases with your new password.

If you are still having trouble, call the campus IT Help Desk.

Security Warning

If after logging in you get a security warning indicating that you are about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure, click "Yes" to continue. The proxy server is set up to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your login, protecting it from hackers. Once you successfully log in, the proxy server connects you with the database you selected, which in most cases does not use SSL technology. Your browser then warns you that the site you are being sent to is not using this technology. Your information is not retransmitted to the next site.

DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

All students, staff, and faculty accessing CSUSM systems and applications, such as library resources, are required to use multi-factor authentication. Be sure it is set up if you are attempting to access a library resource.

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