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What features have been removed or are yet to be released in the new Library Reserves list user interface? 

Removed features include item views by students, the 'Send list to library' button, the student discussion function, the 'Mark as done for the instructor' feature, and liking an item; upcoming features yet to be released include section indentations, an updated look and feel for Citeit!, and mobile device interface improvements.

Removed features:

  • Eye icon (item views by students): Removed because the measurements were different from the data captured in analytics. The List analytics feature has been improved.
  • Send list to library button: Once the list is published and sent to the library, subsequent changes to the list will be automatically sent to the library.
  • Mark as done for the instructor: Students can still mark items as read.
  • Liking an item

Yet be released features:

  • Section indentations: The feature has been delayed as it will be improved to behave more like sub-sections.
  • Citeit! updated look and feel: The current Citeit! bookmarklet will continue to work and the updated Citeit! design will be released in early 2024.
  • Mobile device look and feel: Reserve Lists can still be accessed on mobile devices, and will look and feel to match the new user interface.

If you have any questions or feedback about the list of removed or yet to be released features, please contact reserve@csusm.edu.

Answered by: Alysa Hernandez | Last updated on: Apr 25, 2024 | Views: Views: 6

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