How do I have items purchased for Library Reserves or to be added to my Library Reserves list?

Add any items you would like available through Library Reserves to your Library Reserves reading list. If the item is not currently in the Library collection, we will attempt to purchase the digital version of the item. 

To learn more about how to add an item to your Library Reserves list, see the Instructor Manual for Managing your Library Reserves, which can be found on the Managing Your Library Reserves webpage. This downloadable PDF manual includes step-by-step instruction on how to use Library Reserves for CSUSM. You can also access training videos from ExLibris here (please note that not all features in the videos are available in CSUSM's version of this product). 

If you would like one-on-one training on using Library Reserves or have questions, please contact


Because the Library is currently closed due to COVID-19, only digital items are being purchased at this time. Typically, digital items are preferred, and if a digital item cannot be acquired, a print version will be purchased. 

Answered by: Holly Hampton | Last updated on: Jul 29, 2020 | Views: Views: 18

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